ISTIC-Taylor&Francis Group 学术前沿观察联合实验室学术期刊审稿人培训计划(武汉培训班) Excellence in Peer Review: Taylor & Francis Reviewer Training Network
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7.29-30, 2019



Dr Diana Marshall, Head of Reviewer Programmes, Taylor & Francis


Dr Diana Marshall is Head of Reviewer Programmes at Taylor & Francis. In this role she works on projects to support editors in finding suitable peer reviewers and ensuring best practice in peer review, both through improving processes and developing training in how to be a peer reviewer. Prior to joining Taylor & Francis, Diana was Publisher for the BMC series Journals at BioMed Central and has worked in a variety of editorial roles. Before making the move into publishing, Diana gained a PhD in plant biology from the University of Cambridge.

Diana Marshall博士是TaylorFrancis的全球同行评议主管,负责同行评议过程的顺利开展并协助编辑寻找评审人,优化同行评议流程,制定评审人培训计划。在加入TaylorFrancis之前,Diana曾担任BioMed CentralBMC系列期刊的出版人及多个编辑职务。Diana曾获剑桥大学的植物生物学博士学位。



DrWendy Ding丁海珈,Head of Researcher Service and Network, APAC, Taylor & Francis Group


Wendy is the Head of Researcher Service and Network, APAC at Taylor & Francis Group after being a Journals Publisher China for 4 years. She is responsible for developing and delivering growth strategy for the region to innovate and deliver on core and new researcher product and services and to support the delivery of the wider global strategy. She has worked in scholarly publishing for many years and previously worked for Science Press China as assistant to head of Science Publishing Center, Wiley-Blackwell as country manager, Higher Education Press as deputy head of STM publishing Center and Oxford University Press as managing director China of its Global Academic Publishing. She holds a PhD degree.





Dr. Lijuan Wang王莉娟, Reviewer Engagement Manager, Taylor & Francis


Dr.LijuanWangreceives her Ph.D. degreein Physical Chemistry from Wuhan University in 2008, followed by a one-year research fellow experience in University of Bristol, UK. Dr. Wang started her career in academic publishing at Elsevier, since then she has held a variety of roles at the Royal Society of Chemistry and Springer Nature, managing various titles and projects, with a wealth of experience in editorial process for both journals and books. Dr. Wang joined Taylor & Francis asReviewer Engagement Manager, responsibleforengaging reviewers through developing training to peer reviewers, connecting reviewers to suitable journals and supporting editors in identifying ways torecognize reviewers.

王莉娟博士于2008年获武汉大学物理化学博士学位。在英国布里斯托大学完成一年的研究工作之后,王莉娟博士开始了在学术出版行业的职业生涯,先后在Elsevier,英国皇家化学会(RSC)以及Springer Nature任职,担任高级代表,参考工具书编辑等多种职务,熟知工具书和学术期刊的出版流程。

王莉娟博士现任Taylor & Francis同行评议合作经理,负责同行评议培训和合作项目。





Bing Zhang 张冰, Reviewer Engagement Editor, Taylor & Francis


BingZhang graduated from Zhejiang University followed by a master’s degree in Biology from the University of Goettingen in Germany. After the graduation, Binghas worked in R&D center of Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Company in Beijing, she has good experience in biopharmaceutical industry and international collaborations on research projects.Bing joined Taylor & Francis as Reviewer Engagement Editorin 2019, responsible for developing training to peer reviewers.

张冰毕业于浙江大学,并于德国哥廷根大学获得生物学硕士学位。她曾在诺和诺德北京研发中心工作,对生物制药领域及国际间研发项目合作有丰富经验。她于2019年加入Taylor & Francis,任同行评议合作编辑一职,负责同行评议的培训工作。

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